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Make digitization easy

Get your cooperative society or MFI online to boost your growth.

  • The Bridge to financial opportunities for cooperatives 


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  • Wakandi enables SACCOs and MFIs
    to prosper through digitisation


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  • Build better relationships with your customers with CAMS

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Go DIGITAL with ease with CAMS

The Credit Association Management System (CAMS) is a financial management tool designed for your MFIs and SACCOs. It enables you to handle loans, accounting, savings, and reports using a single app. With CAMS, you can handle operations as easily as sending a text message.

  • Developed to run smoothly with your current systems  
  • Easily handles SACCOs and MFIs day-to-day tasks 
  • Automated reports that  help with compliances
Empowering SACCOs and MFIs with CAMS

Achieve more growth and profitability

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Saving Module1
Keep note of any cash or mobile contributions made by group members.
Loan Module1
Manage loans and loan applications of members within the app anytime, anywhere.
Payment Module1
Transact at any time on CAMS with cash, bank, or mobile money.
Administration Module1
Manage administrative activities such as adding and deleting members, making products, putting policies into place, and more.
Accounting Module1
Prepare financial reports and reports for effective governance and compliance.

Get everything your SACCO needs

A financial management system developed through collaboration with cooperatives.

CAMS can help to grow your SACCOs

  • 100% digital financial management
  • Offers Teller/Cashier functionality
  • Provides governance & compliance
  • Automated accounting
  • Generate automated MSP reports
  • Integration with Banks & MNOs 
  • Infrastructure allows to set roles and policy
  • Make profits with each transaction
  • Send bulk information via SMS to your members
  • Enhances earnings with value added services
  • Budget-friendly pricing model designed for SACCO’s growth

CAMS adds value to your SACCOs members

  • Offers access to all SACCO services on fingertips
  • Offers access to SACCO services via USSD 
  • Sends status updates on all transactions & requests
  • Offers to upload documents
  • Sends SMS notifications
  • Offers numerous value added services

Our Licenses

The license by National Information Technology Authority-Uganda allows us to run CAMS system in Uganda and connect with different mobile money operators (MNO).
The license by Personal Data Protection Office (PDPO) allows us to operate as a data controller and processor in Uganda.

Moving Ahead

Glimpses of our journey
in Uganda

Quotes and Testimonials

HubSpot Video

Chairperson of TUWASA SACCO

  • We are fortunate that CAMS, embodies the cooperatives' insights, suggestions, and perspectives. CAMS has everything you can wish for. This solution is simply made by you, the Cooperatives.
    Espen Kvelland
    Wakandi Group CEO
  • Wakandi’s CAMS platform will go a long way in solving many of the challenges, currently faced by some of our member SACCOs, like lack of adequate data and transparency caused by the use of manual systems.
    Jacqueline Mbabazi
    Executive Director, AMFIU
  • "Right now, the world has become IT. A lot of information needs to be sent to our managers, the Central Bank of Tanzania. The registrars want those reports, and there is a central bank report every month. In the past, it took two to three days to prepare it because it was not in the system. But in this Wakandi system [CAMS], the way they made it, all the information is there. You just request on your specific, confirm it and send it. Where we are going, our overseers will want our information in the digital system to be directly checked."
    Shedrack John
    Mkolani SACCOS
  • “The system [CAMS] is well developed and functioning. It will help to analyse financial performance of the SACCOs and rectify identified anomalies.” 
    Bw. Josephat Damas Kisamalala
    Assistant Registrar, TCDC

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