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Empower every operation of your SACCO or MFI

Asset 49-1
Keep note of any cash or mobile contributions made by group members.
Manage loans and loan applications of members within the app anytime, anywhere.
Asset 50
Transact at any time on CAMS with cash, bank, or mobile money.
Prepare financial reports and reports for effective governance and compliance.
Manage administrative activities such as adding and deleting members, making products, putting policies into place, and more.

Lead the way to your cooperative’s success

CAMS as a financial management system is developed in cooperation with SACCOs, MFIs, and other cooperative societies to provide the right solution to their problems.

Automates accounting and reporting

Generates automated UMRA reports

Boosts governance and compliance

Integrates with banks and MNO wallets

Supports cash transactions with teller functionality

Allows to establish cooperative roles and policies

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Get everything your SACCO needs

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Our licenses

Group 315

The license by National Information Technology Authority-Uganda allows us to run CAMS system in Uganda and connect with different mobile money operators (MNO).

Group 316

The license by Personal Data Protection Office (PDPO) allows us to operate as a data controller and processor in Uganda.

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