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A digital financial system made for your cooperative

CAMS is designed to meet the unique needs of your cooperative, no matter how you operate, how many members you have, or how many services you offer. You enjoy a digital platform that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offers a seamless view of all your day-to-day operations.

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Unlock seamless financial management

Our CAMS system enables seamless financial management for administrators as well as members of SACCOs and microfinance institutions (MFIs).

Making it easy for Admins

CAMS Admin Panel offers a seamless interface for admins or managers of SACCOs to manage daily operations including transaction, reports, account updates.

Detailed overview of member data and transactions

Automated report for savings, loans, and UMRA reports

Multiple savings, shares, and loan products

Different roles and responsibilities

Better governance by setting policies in the system

Automated accounting and reconciliation to speed up operations

Making it easy for Members

CAMS Member App allows members to make contributions, apply for loans, and manage shares. They can check their balances on-the-go and manage their finances effectively.

Quick overview of loans, savings, and shares

Ease of uploading documents and guarantor updates

Make contribution or pay loan instalments instantly

Create and track loan applications

Reduce risk of carrying cash

Build your financial history

Making it easy for you

We work with you from start to end so all your requirements are met.

Benefits to admins 

  • A tailor-made digital system to reduce your tedious paperwork 
  • Make reporting easier and quicker to meet compliance 
  • Easy implementation of your policies 
  • Automatic reconciliation of transactions 
  • Quick look at savings, loans, pending applications and more 
  • Detailed overview of members and their activities 
  • Informed decision making  
  • Easily meet new rules and regulations  

Benefits to members

  • Quick overview of your loans, savings, and shares 
  • Access through iPhone and Android apps as well as USSD 
  • Reduce risk of carrying cash for deposits and withdrawal 
  • Build your financial history 
  • Increase your credit worthiness 
  • Access to formal financial services